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Greetings Hot Tub enthusiasts,

Welcome to my Hot Tub home page, a site devoted to the care and feeding of portable Hot tubs and spas.  This is the new home for my spa purge blog — the long URLs pointing to now redirect here, where the content is  re-organized.  Thank-you to all of my blog readers – I hope you find this site to be an improvement.

 On this site I present  my learnings over the past 30 years, test results for various experiments, and anything new that I learn (pretty much every time I drain my spa I test something new!)  I want you to learn from my experiences so that you don’t have to repeat the same mistakes that I did.

After  20 years of successfully maintaining a Hot Tub, I got bit by “biofilms” in the purchase of a new spa which gave me nothing but grief from day one!  It took me a while but I finally figured out that my new spa had been delivered with actively growing biofilms in the pipes.  I learned about biofilms the hard way and don’t wish that on anyone  …

Part 1 of my journey began by testing a bunch of products, all claiming to deliver certain victory.  It was during this experience that I learned about “Ahh-Some”– the product that actually did deliver victory.


Part 2 of my journey builds upon Part 1, with some important interpretations, conclusions and recommendations.

Part 3 of my journey builds upon parts 1 and 2, and presents a full-on shootout between a product called “O Yuk”, and ahh-some.  Spoiler alert:  The results are illustrated in the photos below.   Look which product releases the most material…

The rest of my work is organized into blog posts which you can find under the category, “Hot Tub Maintenance”.   Feel free to browse through and enjoy my RV content as well!

Happy soaking,





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