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What does EPA registration mean?

Having demonstrated the performance of Hot Tub Serum “Total Maintenance” in previous posts, I feel you should know about EPA registration.  EPA registration is neither trivial to obtain nor inexpensive, but the manufacturer has gone through the impressive rigor. That, by itself, says a lot. It means that proving the science is more important to the manufacturer than selling emotion.   Throughout my own biofilm journey, I am reminded that the market is  flooded with products that do next to nothing, but must surely be huge profit makers, based in the ingredients I see and the price of the bottle.  The list is just too long to mention but if you’ve been reading my posts you know who they are — for example, big label companies putting cheap fillers into expensive containers, and (more recently) a handful of “me-too” products with very weak “QUAT” formulas that do a little, but just don’t “get the bad guys”.   Some products even deliberately add color for a more impressive outcome!

But I digress.  Very simply,  EPA registration means the product is “safe and effective”, at least according to the U.S. Government.  Put another way, EPA registration means we have regulatory confirmation that:

1.  The product label tells the truth

2. The product does what it says, when used as directed

3. The product is safe to use, when used as directed


Here is the public EPA registration documentation for “Hot Tub Serum Total Maintenance”



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