Paradigm fifth wheel towing and weights

The weight penalty of “Andersen-like” hitches

Greetings RV enthusiasts.   Todays post concerns some mis-information that appears to be surrounding a popular fifth wheel hitch option for short-bed trucks. If you are reading this post, you know what I’m talking about — those popular light-weight pyramid style hitches that promise certain utopia for short bed owners.  This post mentions Andersen only  becuase […]

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Paradigm fifth wheel RV Tires

Ram’s Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Greetings RV enthusiasts! This post is about Ram’s “Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System” or “Trailer TPMS. When I special – ordered my 2022 Ram 3500, I purchased this particular option to save real estate on my dashboard.  Unfortunately, after the truck arrived I was soon met with a disturbing problem:  The supplied sensors didn’t fit […]

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RV RV Electronics

RV internet with the pepwave MAX TRANSIT CAT 18

This post is follow-up to this post,  in my quest to establish reliable rv internet. I’ll briefly describe my final solution, which utilizes the pepwave MAX TRANSIT CAT 18 router, including two network diagrams showing my “at home” and “camping” scenarios. The pepwave “CAT 18” is a profoundly capable device is the hub of my […]

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Paradigm fifth wheel RV RV Maintenance and Repair

RV Quality in Today’s market

GreetingsRV’ers.  This is going to be a difficult post, as my wife and I love both the trailer we have and its manufacturer, Alliance RV.   Unfortunately,  as I have observed, the RV industry is stuck in the 1950s in the areas of parts inventory and availability, and service cost estimating and scheduling.  Add to this […]

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RV RV Maintenance and Repair

RV Winterization with small air compressors and the Nautilus P4

Greetings RV enthusiasts.  Its that time of year again – for those of us who don’t use our RVs over the winter, that is.  Today’s topic is utilizing small, portable air compressors to winterize coaches equipped with Nautilus P4 water management system.  Small air compressors require a little special attention, primarily because they can’t move […]

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