RV Winterization with small air compressors and the Nautilus P4

Greetings RV enthusiasts.  Its that time of year again – for those of us who don’t use our RVs over the winter, that is.  Today’s topic is utilizing small, portable air compressors to winterize coaches equipped with Nautilus P4 water management system.  Small air compressors require a little special attention, primarily because they can’t move […]

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RV RV accessories

Streaming content on the road without internet

Greetings RV enthusiasts, Today’s post is about entertainment while camping — more specifically, how to use Plex Media Server without an internet connection. (note:  a chronological account of my experiences with the Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro, is found in this post).  Full-featured, full-time capable RVs with built-in entertainment centers present an interesting “first […]

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Hot Tubs and Spas maintenance purging and cleaning

Spa Marvel review – part 1: the enzymes

Greetings Hot tub enthusiasts.  This post is about a class of products that have appeared in the Spa industry known as “enzymes”, and more specifically the product, “Spa Marvel”.  Readers of this site may have already seen my review of the enzyme-based purge product from Natural Chemistry, but until now I have not evaluated an […]

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Hot Tubs and Spas purging and cleaning

purge shoot-out: Bio-Ouster vs Ahh-some/Total Cleanse

Greetings hot tub enthusiasts.  This post is another in my series of purge product shoot-outs.  As readers of this blog know, I test purge products from time to time just to see if I can find a better one (for more information please see my Hot Tub Maintenance Home Page).  I normally purge my spa […]

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RV towing and weights

Fifth Wheel hitches for short bed trucks

Greetings fifth wheelers.  I’m going to tackle a difficult subject that is filled with a generous portion of emotion, not to mention the fervor that accompanies one’s choices and the marketing language one has been influenced by. I do realize that there is room for nuance and personal choice here — simply because every combination […]

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Does over inflation cause blow-outs?

Greetings RV enthusiasts; this post is about inflation pressures and tire blow-outs.  I’ll start by discussing the topic as it relates to ambient temperatures, draw a few conclusions guided by a key engineering principle, and then present a prioritized list of blow-out causes, obtained from my research.  I’ll anchor the discussion around my own tires:  […]

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