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ahh-some vs “Serum Total Cleanse” – is there a difference?

An astute reader brought to my attention that a product very similar in appearance to Ahh-Some, known as “Serum Total Cleanse” has been available for some time now.  My curiosity got the best of me, so I brought in a small jar and did a little recon:  Turns out they are the same product, only packaged and colored differently!

Here is my jar of ahh-some — the same photo that I used in previous posts, along side of the “new” (to me) “Total Cleanse” product.

One difference worth noting is that, along with the Marketing name of “Total Cleanse”, the product itself has been dyed with a more pronounced dark purple color, matching the color scheme of the label as shown below:

I should point out that the color of “Ahh-Some” gel also matches its label color scheme.  But the bottom line is that the light-blue colored “Ahh-Some Hot Tub/Jetted Bath plumbing and Jet cleaner”  is also marketed as the darker  purple, “Serum Total Cleanse”.

I will be interested to see if the purple dye that has been infused into the “Total Cleanse” product has any influence on the appearance of the biofilm it releases!  I can tell you that what I have been calling “Hot Tub Serum” (which is actually the  “Total Maintenance” product) is also the same color of purple, and this coloring has no influence.  You may recall that in a previous post, I dinged two other companies for dying their respective elixirs which, in my tests, appeared to (quite literally) color the result.  See my post on Silk Balance and SeaKlear vs ahh-some.

But the headline here is that you can use “ahh-some” and “Serum Total Cleanse” interchangeably.

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