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Greetings RV enthusiasts 

Welcome to my RV home page, the beachhead for my RV related content, product reviews and experiences.  After a great deal of research, my wife and purchased a Paradigm 310RL — a sub-35 foot fifth wheel manufactured by Alliance RV. I’ll post an independent, non-commissioned review of this coach when it arrives later this month and I can get some camping photos.  

We have great deal of respect for full-timers, but have chosen to be part time campers;  we try to avoid the crowded RV parks, embarking instead on a mission to visit State and National parks which we believe God must have inspired man to create.   We hope our experiences will be interesting so please enjoy the content which you will find categorized in the “blog posts” widget.  You will also find archived content organized chronologically at the bottom of this page.  

You may find the combination of RV and Hot Tub content to be curious, and maybe it is.  These happen to be hobbies of ours — who knows, Maybe you enjoy a good soak after returning from a camping trip like we do! 

Here’s to enjoying God’s wonderful creation,









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